Who says
Blockchain is difficult
to adopt?

Use KrypCore to easily adopt a custom built Blockchain for your enterprise with zero coding effort & zero infrastructure.

It is so easy that even someone with no technology background can develop a fully functional Blockchain application


Blockchain Services

Help's businesses understand, explore and adopt Blockchain
Our solutions are generic and customizable based on business needs

Deployment Stack

KrypCore – A tool that helps businesses quickly adopt Blockchain technology. Users require minimal coding and technical knowledge to build a fully functional Blockchain app

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KrypC for Enterprise

For businesses with custom Blockchain requirements, We provide technology consulting and implementation services to organizations wanting to leverage the power of blockchain technology

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Blockchain Training

Opportunity to learn Blockchain – Distributed Ledger Technology. Through KrypCourse, we educate businesses and individuals on components, benefits and practical applicability of Blockchain.

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KrypCore - Deployment Stack

Our UI based proprietary framework for developer and business analyst
to deploy solutions on private permissioned blockchain reducing implementation time and effort

KrypCore Features

Enables Easy adoption of Blockchain and reduces need for infrastructure & coding.
Integrates and connects real world business applications to the Blockchain network

Near Zero Development Effort

Enables business users to create a distributed business application with minimal programming effort and plug into the blockchain protocol of choice

Transaction Data Interactivity

KrypC allows for use of integration of existing LoB applications, collection of vendor data and allows for quick enablement of all the participants to report into the blockchain

No Infrastructure required

KrypC enables business users to adopt Blockchain with no infrastructure requirement from the their end

Use Cases

Explore our use cases in different business verticals
and gear up to assess Blockchain fit for your business

Technology and Business Partners

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