A Low-code Blockchain application development studio

A Low-code Blockchain application development studio

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KrypCore enables IT leaders to swiftly accomplish their blockchain innovation goals in low-code way

KrypCore enables IT leaders to swiftly accomplish their blockchain innovation goals in low-code way

KrypCore automatically translates innovative use-case definitions into a blockchain solution with minimal coding efforts and thereby enables business leaders to accelerate their blockchain innovation journey. KrypCore helps existing IT teams to deliver multiple innovative solutions, simultaneously, with minimal changes to their existing infrastructure

Zip into the Future with low-code Studio

Swiftly turns innovative business ideas into an end-to-end solutions with minimal technology investment and risk, seamlessly converging with existing systems

Easy Set-up

Simply ‘drag and drop’ the key aspects of any transformational ideas to get an end to end blockchain solution in just a few clicks.

Faster rollout

Code generator, API generator, data lake, blockchain explorer, smart contract builder, UI generator and other built-in KrypCore features assure 10x faster than other conventional ground-up developments

Cost Effective

Reduced resources and efforts directly contributing to over 50% cost savings at the POC stage and over 80% cost savings as the solution moves into a production stage

Beyond Blockchain

Easy to create both on-chain and off-chain modules and connect with external systems, new gen technologies such as IoT devices and key storage systems.

Key differentiator

Key differentiator

Cloud agnostic

To assure blockchain’s principle of democracy and decentralization, KrypCore Middleware allows the network participants to set up their nodes in any cloud of their choice or on premise

Codeless way

Developing, upgrading and supporting heavily coded programs is resource intensive, expensive and time consuming. KrypCore Studio is a codeless solution creation tool that eliminates above risks

Higher throughput

Blockchain protocols are generally slow because of the time consuming consensus process. KrypC’s patent pending Consensus algorithm reduces the consensus time and thereby significantly improves the speed of blockchain systems.

Economic Viability

The data in blockchain is stored perennially that challenges the economic viability of blockchain. KrypC adopts certain techniques to overcome this challenge and make the blockchain solution economically viable